Jewelry Care

Jewels are made to last a lifetime and even longer.
They have a special and valuable meaning in someone's life and are passed on from generation to generation.
This is why sustainable materials are used and all our creations are made by the best craftsmen, with a design that can stand the test of time. From now on it is your responsibility to keep the jewel in perfect condition.


Please heed the following advice to look after your precious items:
Don’t wear jewels when you’re doing housework, gardening, sports or similar activities. Don’t take a bath or swim with your jewels.
Don’t spray perfume on them and avoid contact with body oils or creams on your colour stones.
They could lose their sheen and brilliance.
Make sure the stones are not exposed to extreme heat or any kind of impact.
Keep in mind colour stones are more fragile than diamonds.


Please regularly clean your jewelry using the appropriate products.
Do not hesitate to consult your jeweler about maintenance to keep your jewel in prime condition.


The alloys of red and yellow gold will not change colour.
The white gold alloy is rhodinated. This is a normal treatment which will patinate with time.
To maintain the whiteness of your jewel you can ask your authorised BIGLI dealer to treat it with rhodium again.

We hope you find these recommendations useful and
that you will make good use of them.

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