About Bigli

Creating the purest form of beauty, the beauty of simplicity, that’s what we want to achieve. To combine soft and simple shapes into something intrinsically valuable, into a thing of beauty that is truly meaningful.

Into an exquisite object that will tell people a story. Your story, and ours.

It’s been twenty years now since we founded BIGLI, and every wonderful moment of our lives has been captured in a jewel. Graduations, engagements, weddings, the birth of our grandchildren: they were all linked to a new BIGLI piece. Those were moments of intense emotion, of love, joy, fulfillment and harmony. Full of the best that life can offer. So our jewelry means much more to us than the simple search for refinement, or for beauty without a soul.

We want these jewels to tell your story as well. We hope that they will equally embody the best moments in your life. That they will make you shine because they were meant to make you remember those moments. That you will feel beautiful, inside and out, and that you will pass this brightness on.

Thierry & Laurence.

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